Gwinnett County Criminal Attorney

Gwinnett County Criminal Attorney

If you are facing a pending felony charge in Gwinnett County Superior Court, don’t face it alone. If you are in this situation, you need a Gwinnett County criminal attorney. Felony offenses in Gwinnett County frequently carry serious, life-altering consequences if you are convicted of a felony charge. If convicted, you will lose valuable rights and carry the stigma of being a convicted felon for the remainder of your life. There even may be severe mandatory minimum sentences depending on your Gwinnett County felony charge.

Because these are potentially serious consequences to every felony charge, you need a Gwinnett County criminal attorney in your corner.  It is imperative to have a Gwinnett County criminal attorney involved immediately upon your arrest for a felony charge. Certain documents must be timely filed to ensure that certain defenses and your rights are not waived.

When facing a felony charge, you need a Gwinnett County criminal attorney who will fight to preserve your rights and your liberty you during this difficult time. A Gwinnett County criminal attorney will analyze the facts of your case to find potential defenses to protect you from your felony charge(s).

If you are currently not a citizen of the United States, a felony conviction will likely have a serious affect your immigration status.  You need to consult with a Gwinnett County criminal attorney who can assist you with avoiding these serious consequences that include possible deportation.

Importantly, a criminal defense attorney serving Gwinnett County may be able advise you of different ways that you can potentially keep your pending Gwinnett County Superior Court charge from appearing on your criminal history.

If you are unfortunately charged with a felony offense in Gwinnett County, call a proven advocate. Call me directly at 678-988-1199 for a free, confidential discussion about your pending Gwinnett County felony charge.