Clayton County Criminal Lawyer

Clayton County Criminal Lawyer

If you have a pending charge in Clayton County State Court, it means that you have been charged with a misdemeanor or traffic offense. If you are in this situation, you need a Clayton County Criminal Lawyer. Certain charges like DUI, Family Violence Battery and Simple Battery can have serious consequences.  Depending on your criminal history, Clayton County Solicitor’s Office may recommend jail time to resolve your Clayton County State Court case.  In the State of Georgia, misdemeanor offenses have the maximum penalty of one year in custody and a thousand dollar fine.

Because these are potentially serious consequences, you need an advocate in your corner when you face a criminal charge in Clayton County State Court.  A Clayton County criminal lawyer can analyze the facts of your case to find potential defenses to your charge(s).  For example, a Clayton County criminal lawyer will be familiar with the recent, favorable changes in the law regarding DUI.  Additionally, a Clayton County criminal lawyer will be able to warn you of unforeseen consequences to a conviction to certain charges.  For example, a Domestic Violence conviction will prohibit you from ever owning/purchasing a firearm or ammunition in the future.

If you are currently not a citizen of the United States, even a misdemeanor conviction can have a serious affect your immigration status.  You need to consult with a Clayton County criminal lawyer who can assist you with avoiding serious consequences that include possible deportation.

A Clayton County Criminal Lawyer may be able advise you of several different ways that you can potentially keep your pending Clayton County State Court criminal charge from appearing on your criminal history.

If you are charged with DUI, Family Violence Battery or any other misdemeanor offense in Clayton County State Court, call a proven advocate.  Call me directly at 678-988-1199 for a free, confidential discussion about your pending Clayton County criminal charge.